Monday, June 17, 2013

Logos Bible Software Personal Books - PDF Conversion Revisited

This is a brief addendum to the post below from Nov-12.

Since then, I have acquired Microsoft Office 2013. Except for using Outlook 2013 (which I like a lot) I really haven't done too much experimenting with 2013. One thing I have discovered is: Word 2013 can convert PDFs to Word .docx format, and it does a really good job, most of the time. By the way, if your workplace buys certain Enterprise Licenses from Microsoft, you can participate in the Microsoft Home Use Program. This cost an unbelievable $10 and gives you a legal license for MS Office Pro as long as you work there and they continue in the Enterprise License program. Check with the computer folks at work.

One really nice benefit of using Word 2013 to convert PDFs is that in many cases Word can convert the PDF active linked footnotes/endnotes to Word's active footnotes/endnotes. When this .docx file is compiled in the Logos Personal Book compiler, the resulting personal book will also have footnotes that popup the note when the superscript number in the text is mouse-overed. This is tremendous, since that is one of the big problems with many personal books: most of us just don't have time to manually convert footnotes prior to compiling in Logos, and as a result, many personal books don't have functional footnotes.

I have experimented with converting some PDFs. I converted a couple of commentaries in PDF form from, and the footnotes are retained perfectly (as far as I could tell by spot-checking). I converted a couple of issues of the journal Themelios (available in PDF form from The Gospel Coalition). In this case the footnotes also came through fine. One thing I did notice is that some compound graphics, that is, graphics that were in the original source (from which the PDF was made) in the form of several graphics "grouped" together to form a single picture, don't compile at all in Logos. Another annoyance with some PDFs is that when they're converted, you can wind up with a bunch of words, phrases, and sentences that were in the PDF as all-caps, but convert all mixed between upper and lower case. (Looks like those poison-pen letters from crime movies.) This happened with Themelios. Conclusion:  if you want a Themelios issue, pony up the $2 and buy it from  Logos. [Edit 7/17/2016]: For the last couple of years, Logos and The Gospel Coalition provide the Logos edition of Themelios free when each issue is published.

A couple of caveats. One, the footnotes have to be linked, active footnotes in the PDF, or Word won't have any magical powers to make them active. It is possible that there are active footnotes that Word won't convert, but so far that hasn't been my experience. Two, a really large PDF might not even open. Word will report some vague error about not being able to open the file and stop. In this case, if you really need the document, you could probably split the PDF up into two or more files and make it work. There are a number of free PDF splitter programs; search for "PDF SAM (split and merge)".

One more issue: you might get a notice from Word that certain interactive features of the PDF won't be imported. I have run into this when converting PDFs from; I can't tell that anything is missing. I think the notice is referring to the links to the resident CCEL online Bibles.

To actually do a conversion, right-click on a PDF file in File Explorer (or Windows Explorer) and choose Open With, then Microsoft Word (assuming you have installed 2013). It takes longer to open than a regular Word .docx. When it has opened, simply save the file as a .docx.


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  4. This message is for Summer Pinch, since her blog won't allow comments:

    Dear Summer,

    I'm writing to you out of concern, due to the absolutely hateful and unchristian way your father has been treating others, particularly with the recent suicide of Braxton Caner. Caner was, of course, the son of Ergun Caner, who has been at odds with your father, James White, for quite some time. While any objective observer would admit that Caner has been quite less than ethical in a lot of his actions, this does not justify the wickedness of your father and his minions, even after the death of Braxton.

    At one point in the aftermath of the death, your father said the following regarding another blogger:

    “Peter Lumpkins needs to shut up. Turn off the attack machine. The period of shock will wear off soon. Real grieving does not begin its process for a number of weeks, and reaches a real crescendo three, four months down the road. And in complicated situations, it might take even longer”

    What kind of callousness and heartlessness is this, particularly from someone who claims to be a believer, let alone someone in influence over others?
    Is it not the case that many unbelievers would not even be so heartless and callous after a young man committed suicide due to cyberbullying?

    I know you love your father, and you should. You should also honor him, but you must also remember that you have a special place in his life and heart, and it may only be you that can make it through his ego into his heart, so that he realizes that he has, is, and continues to hurt and offend people and encourages others to do so. He does not do it for the sake of Christ, but for the sake of himself, as the crime these people commit is that they disagree with him and don't act the way he thinks they should. Where is the 1 Corinthians 13 love in that?

    Ask yourself, as someone who is a mother, how would you feel if someone treated your child as James White and his followers treated Braxton? Isn't there a point at which it's less important to prove your point, and more important to show Christ's love?

    1. Anonymous:

      I’m at a loss as to why you think Mrs. Pinch would receive your message via this lonely little blog. I don’t know her and she doesn't know me or visit this blog. I do know she is Dr. White’s daughter and I read and listen to his work. I do recall reading her blog once and leaving a comment.

      Dr. White’s repeated explanations as to why he must continue to call Dr. Caner to repentance are well-said and readily available in text, audio, and video. Anyone moderately interested in this subject who is ignorant of this information, is willfully so.

      I have read Pastor Hall’s brief twitter thread with the late younger Mr. Caner and it is impossible for a reasonable person to believe that 5 or 6 tweets, a week earlier would cause him to end his own life. Clearly, young Caner had some long-term and deep-seated issues, an unavoidable conclusion I have heard no one address. And with all the sensitivity I can muster, and a few months having passed, I must point out that suicide has one, and only one, perpetrator.

      And the absolutely worst behavior in the wake of the incident was from Todd Starnes, who, within days afterward, implicated people in the tragedy, when Christian charity restrained any defense they might make. Shame on him for shooting from the hip, when he was either lying or willfully ignorant.

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