Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Finney Files - The Gospel According to the Heretic Pelagius

This begins a series of posts examining Charles Grandison Finney and his influence on modern American Evangelicalism. We start with the theology of the fifth century monk Pelagius because Finney is a vivid (relatively) modern example of a Pelagian. In this video, the gentlemen on the talk show White Horse Inn discuss Pelagius and his theology.

Thanks to WHI, and to Lane Chaplin for his work in making the video for the mp3.

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  1. Hi Robert, I keep reading Finney's name in so many places with the warning "stay away!" and so I do. Kind of like when I was told as a child to not stick a fork into an electrical socket. Nothing good would come of it and I would ultimately regret the experience.

    Great video. It's amazing that some want to so outright reject God's grace while professing Christ. Why? Regardless, He will wield the chainsaw.

    Looking forward to the series. :)