Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quotes 'O the Week

"¿Por qué no te callas?"
("Why don't you just shut-up?")

King Juan Carlos of Spain to the Odious Hugo Chávez during the 2007 Ibero-American Summit.

KJC is probably untrustworthy like all the other socialists, but these words are immortal.


"This is in more senses than one a remarkable book. It is to a degree very unusual an original work; it is the product of the author's own mind. The principles which he holds, have indeed been held by others; and the conclusions at which he arrives had been reached before; but still it is abundantly evident that all the principles here advanced are adopted by the writer, not on authority, but on conviction, and that the conclusions presented have all been wrought out by himself and for himself. The work is therefore in a high degree logical. It is as hard to read as Euclid. Nothing can be omitted; nothing passed over slightly. The unhappy reader once committed to a perusal is obliged to go on, sentence by sentence, through the long concatenation. There is not one resting-place; not one lapse into amplification, or declamation, from beginning to the close. It is like one of those spiral staircases, which lead to the top of some high tower, without a landing from the base to the summit; which if a man has once ascended, he resolves never to do the like again."

Charles Hodge in a review of Charles Finney's Lectures on Systematic Theology.

"Free will I have often heard of, but I have never seen it. I have always met with will, and plenty of it, but it has either been led captive by sin or held in the blessed bonds of grace."

Charles Spurgeon

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