Saturday, April 16, 2011

From the Sermon Hall of Fame – Steve Lawson – Galatians 1:6-10

Dr. Steve Lawson expounded the noted “let him be accursed” passage from the Epistle to the Galatians (Galatians 1:6-10) at the 2009 Shepherds’ Conference (Session 8).
Dr. Lawson relates the battle over the Gospel throughout church history to Paul’s opposition to the Judaizers. From Athanasius vs. Arius, to Nettleton vs. Finney, up to the present day. In the passion of his message, Lawson gives us some of the flavor of the Apostle’s emotion (“…amazed that you are so quickly deserting Him…”). In their desertion of the Gospel, they are deserting God Himself.
At about the 24 minute mark, Dr. Lawson makes this quite personal (as the gravity of the Gospel dictates) in a critique of Joel Osteen (without naming him) and one of his appearances on Larry King Live. You might have heard sound clips of “give us some men who know the truth!” This message is where that call to arms comes from.

To add some context, here’s an excerpt from the King interview (by way of Wretched):

Here’s a brief excerpt from Lawson’s message (with some excerpts from King):

The entire sermon can be downloaded here

On a humorous personal note, one evening my wife had asked me a number of questions (on various subjects) for which I had no answers. We had listened to Dr. Lawson’s message and have also heard (many times) a montage of it interspersed with excerpts from the King-Osteen interview that sometimes is the intro to Wretched Radio. After my last "I don't know" of the evening, she turned to me and in a matter-of-fact manner said, “give us some men who know the truth.”


  1. Hey Robert!

    Thank you for introducing me to Dr. Lawson. I did not know of him and want to get to know him better. :)

    IYO, who is more dangerous? A Rob Bell or a Joel Osteen?

    I only have knowledge from clips since there are worthy men for me to learn from and only so much time available. Are both equally dangerous albeit from totally different styles? Both certainly preach another Jesus although one of the two seems to acknowledge sin and the other won't utter the word. Different colored wolves?

    Lol, you don't have to know for sure -- just curious of your take! :)

    ~ Sonja

  2. Hi Sonja:

    Thanks for stopping by!

    I am familiar with Dr. Lawson mainly from his appearances at the Shepherds' Conference. (No, I have been to one 'cause I'm not a shepherd, but I listen to the audio. Some of our elders and deacons go regularly.) If you follow the link under his video, you can get to the messages (from MacArthur, Mohler, Phil Johnson, Lawson, and host of others).

    Dr. Lawson has written some books on church history (I hope to read some of them eventually) and he is the pastor at Christ Fellowship Baptist Church in Mobile (AL). He has quite a story: he was pastoring another Baptist church in Mobile, but was chased-off because he is a Calvinist. ("Ethel, I heard them there Calvinists have horns!") Maybe I'll post on that whole story after I can find some resources on it.

    Regarding who is more dangerous, I recall Rush Limbaugh once saying that the only difference between a Liberal and a Communist is that the Communist knows what he's doing. So the main difference between Bell and Osteen is I think Bell knows what he's doing and Osteen..."I...I...I dunno!" That makes Bell more dangerous. I pity both, as they are staring down the barrel of judgment (James 3:1).

  3. Hey Robert! Thanks for the response.

    Yeah, a judgment on a scale we won't face (Jas. 3:1 indeed!). I pity the people that have put themselves under their false authority. And I agree, Bell knows what he's doing and planting to advance his agenda. But he'll get another chance to repent; no? ;_)

    I doubt Osteen knows the concept of church planting ... it seems a complicated process. And he's not too sure of himself.

    Calvinists don't have horns? Getouttahere! I twist my hair around them to make really sweet curls! Lol, that would be a post I'd like to read -- hopefully no firearms involved. :)

  4. Dr. Steven Lawson is a brilliant Bible expositor, and an amazing servant of Christ. Don't hesitate to read the church histories he has authored, they are succinct and can be completed in a weekend. You will be blessed with a greater understanding of what church fathers endured for the Cross and for the church we compose today. Dr. Lawson is founder of One Passion ministry; go to that website for his sermons and speaking engagements.